What's on in Intermediate

Second Semester Exams Schedule

June 08, 2014

Second Semester Exams Schedule ... Continue

Field Trip to the Green Camp

Jan 08, 2014

On Wednesday 8/1/2014, grades 7A, 7B and 8 visited the  ... Continue

Poetry Garden 2013

Dec 19, 2013

Starting with a beautiful song presented by Ms. Sarah and Mr. Aaron ... Continue

Sharing is caring

Dec 18, 2013

The primary and secondary student councils organized two bake ... Continue

Our School Eagles

Dec 16, 2013

Congratulations to our girls sport teams for their hard work and dedication ... Continue

Quran Recitation Competitions

Dec 12, 2013

KBS participated in the private schools competitions " Reciting of Quran"... Continue

 Middle and High School Sports Day

Dec 04, 2013

Today 4th. Of December was the last day of our sports festival! Middle and ... Continue

Open House

Sep 19, 2013

Parents are invited to our annual open house that will take place as per the dates below, the purpose of the this event is to :... Continue

Day One

Sep 9, 2013

Sunday, 8 September,  morning was a happy occasion for KBS community; 800 students in grade 1-11 reported to :... Continue

Information to parents
Dear Parents,

All students are required to wear school uniform of KBS with the official logo. Please check each morning to ensure that your son / daughter :... Continue


Sep 4, 2013

Office Hours During Summer

Jun 14, 2013

KBS offices will be open during summer as follows :... Continue


Jun 5, 2013

Please find attached the result of the surveys conducted by the end of May, for students, parents and teachers, regarding the pilot project : “Bring Your Own Device” ... Continue

Baklavia ! 

May 29, 2013

A baklawa and pastry factory in Greece could not pay all the accumulated taxes to the government, since they do not have the money the worker and the family owning the shop announced their own country Baklavia  ... Continue

Girls Soccer Champion

May 4, 2013

Congratulations to our Girls Soccer team for achieving first place in the competition held among seven schools who are members in the Bilingual Schools Sports Federation. Wells done girls and thanks to the coach of the team Ms. Mary Jean.... Continue

Bring Your Own Device

May 1, 2013

As of May 1st, the school started a new pilot project, that will allow student to bring to school their own smart pad. This is optional. And these devices will be used in class for research and other learning activities. During recess students also may take these devices to the playground to play. . ... Continue

The Young Author Project

May 1, 2013

Students were busy writing and improving their skills while creating stories in Arabic and English. The results of their efforts were on display on April 30th. Both students and parents who attended were impressed with the promising talents of many students. Stories and books were judged and the best young authors were chosen and will be presented with their award next week. . ... Continue

 Middle and High School Science Fair

Apr 7, 2013

Theory guides. Experiment decides. (An old saying in science, attributed to many different people)

Grades 6 to 10 were involved in our yearly Science Fair on April 7, 2013. Each group of students had to exhibit a scientific project. They chose a topic of their own interest; researching, experimenting and applying their knowledge. The multipurpose room came alive with smells, sounds and excitement..... Continue

Annual Award Ceremony

Apr 5, 2013

April 2nd witnessed the celebration of KBS with the success of the students. The award ceremony was organized in the evening to honor those students achieving excellent results and many students who were placed on the honor roll. Five students got the Director General's award, while many others receive awards for being good citizen or for being able to achieve a major progress in their achievement since the beginning of the school year. well done KBS eagles!.... Continue

Volkswagen Junior Masters Tournament

Mar 28, 2013

For the second time in a row, our school has been invited to participate in the Volkswagen Junior Masters Tournament. It was the only school in Kuwait who was invited to participate.... Continue

Jan 13, 2013

Poetry Garden

Nov 29, 2012

On Wednesday, November 28th the Arabic and English Language departments held a Poetry Garden. This was the first time a combined English/Arabic poetry recital has been given. All grades were represented and the students performed well. Thanks to all the students and to those parents who attended. ... Continue

 Grade 6 – 10 Sport Day

Nov 27, 2012

Sunday, November 25th, was a special day for grade 6-10 the weather was perfect, and everybody enjoyed their time with the many sport activities planned by the Athletics department at KBS.……. Continue

School-Wide Spelling Bee 

Oct 24, 2012

TToday, students from all grades participated in the first spelling bee of the school year. Students brought their enthusiasm and dedication to the competition with sights set on becoming the year level champion. After many rounds, and using words that were, in some cases, three grade-levels above their own, champions were crowned. However, all that participated truly demonstrated skills of a champion and each and every student that was involved deserves congratulations... Continue

Student Council

Sep 30, 2012


On Wednesday  26/9 The elections of Student Council was completed under the supervision of Mr. Jarah (Student Council Advisor). The candidates campaigned for few days, and election of members took place on 23 Sept, while the election of the president and vice president took place on 26 Sept. the following is the result: ... Continue

Open Evenings

Sep 23, 2012


On Wednesday and Thursday, 19 & 20 September, the school organized orientation to parents in the evening, a large number of parents attended these events, and information given were useful and helpful to all parents ... Continue

Traffic Problem

Sep 13, 2012


As we are facing a traffic problem in the morning and at dismissal, please note that the school will open at 6:45AM instead of 7:00AM, and we hope that more student come early to avoid the traffic that become worse after 7:15 AM.In addition, to reduce the traffic at dismissal and morning, we advise you to follow one of the following solutions:... Continue

First Day

Sep 2, 2012


Students and parents start arriving at 6:30AM to school on Sunday 2nd of September, grades 1-0 students had a wonderful start of the new school year. In addition Parents attended an orientation meeting in the School Hall with the administration... Continue