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Kuwait provides special shopping opportunities. It has many markets, shops and malls which present a variety of products like: clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, gifts, equipments, and international brand products. This variety of products addresses different styles. That is why malls were established by using an architectural style that provides the shopper with the feeling of comfort and entertainment during shopping. At the same time, it provides the sellers with enough areas to display their products with creative and attractive ways for shoppers. When you feel exhausted during shopping; you can refresh yourself by drinking fresh drinks and eating fast meals from a variety of restaurants and cafes. They are widespread in many markets and malls allover Kuwait governorates.


Al-Jahra City

Salil Al Jahra Mall Al Khema Mall
Wara Mall Tiba Mall
Awtad Mall Al Alamia Mall
Kuwait City (Capital) Hawalli City
Sharq Market Al Salhia Mall Al Mohallab Mall Al Rihab Mall
Arraya Mall Dar Al-Awadi Mall Al Othman Mall Al Bahr Center
Al Awqaf Mall Ghawali Centre Plaza Al Ayoub Mall
Center point Al Khaleejiah Mall Beirut Mall Northern Noqrah Mall
Al Mubarakia Market (Popular) Al Muthanna Mall Southern Noqrah Mall 360 Mall
Salmiya City Fahaheel City Farwaniya City
Marina Mall Al Fanar Mall Al Kout Mall Al Magater Mall
Al Bustan Mall Al Thuraya Mall Ajyal Mall Mubarak Alsaifee Mall
Central Plaza Gallery 2000 Center point Manawer Mall
Laila Gallery Tala Mall Al Dabous Mall Metro
Mariam Mall Zahra Mall Al Manshar Mall Sumait Plaza mall
Sultan Mall

Al Salmiya Market (Popular)

Kuwait Magic Al Hamra Mall
City Center Marks and Spencer

Fahaheel Market (Popular)

Al Arbeed Plaza
Mubarak Alkabeer

Alqurain City markets


Aqua Park
Inaugurated in 1995, Aqua Park is not only the first water park in the Gulf, but also the biggest of its kind in region. The park spreads over an area of 60,000 square meters. It is located on the Arab Gulf Street next to Kuwait Towers. Aqua Park offers unlimited means of entertainment for the whole family. One can practice a variety of water and fun games, enjoy all kinds of swimming pool areas for kids and adults, learn scuba diving at the diving club, and play volleyball in the sandy beaches.
Phone: 22431960/1/3
Entertainment City
The Entertainment City is the Disneyland of Kuwait. The City is located 20 Kilometers from Kuwait City. It provides a complete range of entertainment for every member in the family. Children and grownups alike can spend an extraordinary day visiting various parks: Arab World, International World and Future World. It is as if you live in a world different from your real world.
The Entertainment City is open everyday except Saturdays and Mondays which are allocated for women. Entrance ticket is 3.500 K.D per person. It is open from Sunday to Wednesday. In summer it opens from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am, and in winter it opens from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. On Thursday and Friday, it opens from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Phone: 24879455


Failaka Island
Failaka Island is one of the most gorgeous and famous historical islands in Kuwait. It combines the ancient and the modern history of Kuwait. The island is rich of cultural and historical landmarks from different ages, specially from the end of the third millennium B.C. till the modern age. Hence, Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) runs ferry trips everyday from Ras Salmiya to Failaka Island. To enquire about the ferry trips, you can contact the KPTC on 25742664. You can also take a boat to visit several other remarkable islands like Umm Al-Maradim, Bubiyan, Qaruh, Auhha, Umm Al-Naml, Kubbar, Warba and Miskan.
Green Island
Once you are in the Green Island, you will never believe that you are living in a desert country. The island is covered with colours and greens. In all directions, shrubs and seedlings of all colours are planted everywhere you go. Not only that, but the Island also offers its visitors the latest entertainment facilities. It includes an amphitheatre that can place up to 700 persons. Concerts and theater shows are help there quite frequently. You can only enjoy the exotic restaurants, the impressive swimming pools as well as the magnificent greens. Children have their special delightful spots. They can roam the kid's castle with its endless corridors, and play games in channel' rooms and numerous small waterfalls. Green Island is located off the waterfront spanning 21 kilometers of coastline from Al-Shiwaikh to Ras Al-Ardh.
Phone: 22526153


Ice Skating Rink
Established in March 1980, the Ice Skating Rink is a major landmark and great sport facility. The Rink is the first of its kind in the Gulf region and the Middle East. It spreads on an area of 8398 square meters at the Green Fence area in Kuwait City. The Rink consists of two main rinks. The first is an Olympic rink that has 1800 square meters surface of ice. The arena included can accommodate up to 1600 viewers and provides shoe-changing room, skating equipment store and first aid facility. The arena, also, includes a cafeteria serving light snacks, pastries, and a wide variety of drinks. The other rink is smaller; it has 800 square meters surface of ice with an arena accommodating up to 600 viewers. It is provided with a cafeteria for fast drinks and snacks.
In 1981, Kuwait Falcons, the national ice-hockey team was established. Regularly, foreign teams are invited to perform in Kuwait. The rink organizes different musical artistic festivals, kids' shows and winning festivals. Every Sunday, the rink opens for special group rates from ministries, organizations, establishments, etc.
Phone: 22411151 – 22411152
Al-Khiran Resort
Located in Al-Khiran District, Al-Khiran Resort is about 120 kilometers away from Kuwait City. It has a total number of 196 chalets. Also, luxurious restaurants are available inside the resort. The beach at the resort is clean and ready to receive swimmers any time. Two swimming pools are established, one filled with salty water, and the other with fresh water. If you want to play sports, tennis, football, volleyball and basketball courts are available. The resort also includes a yacht club. Through obtaining membership in this club, you receive membership of the special anchor. Moreover, a entertainment city for children with the most amusing games was established. There is a computer and video games hall. To held special and social events, a huge tent is pitched inside the park. Also, the "Duza" ballroom is also available.
Phone: 23951122
Kuwait Towers
You will never forget the magnificent view for Kuwait City from Kuwait Towers. It has a special panoramic view for all the City. In 1980, Kuwait Towers won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, which is one of the most prestigious awards. The towers are distinguished by their panoramic view that revolves 360 degree. They, also, have huge tanks, which can store millions of gallons of water. Kuwait Towers are located at the Arabian Gulf Avenue, in Al-Sharq district. Phone: 22444021 - 22444038
Al-Messilah Beach
Al-Messilah Beach is one of the biggest beaches of Kuwait. The beach extends at the Messila coast for 350 meters just off the Fahaheel Expressway. Visitors of Al-Messilah beach can enjoy the coast white colored sand and pure blue sea, which provides enjoyment and comfort to the soul. Visitors of all ages can also enjoy three large multi-leveled swimming pools designed to suit elders and youngsters.
Phone: 25650642
Musical Fountain
Musical Fountain is a garden containing 220 fountains distributed among three leveled pools. This fountain is considered the fourth largest fountain in the world. During summer, you will never resist enjoying its captivating sight and sound shows every night. Musical Fountain is located at Al-Murqab in Kuwait City. It is open everyday except Saturday. During summer, it is open from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am (Midnight). And during winter, Musical Fountain is open from 3:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
Phone: 22428394
The Scientific Center
It is a huge building established on the waterfront. The building is designed to reflect the Islamic arts and culture. The Scientific Center have three main fascinating attractions, which are: Aquarium, Discovery Place and IMAX Cinema. The Aquarium presents an ecosystem of desert, sea, and coastal edge. Visitors of the Aquarium explore the lives of beings and animals in their environments. When entering the Discovery Place, visitors gain scientific experience through educational games. Highly specialized trainers are assigned to guide visitors through hand-on playful training. On entering the IMAX Cinema, you can watch 3D movies played on the giant screen. Visitors can enjoy watching educational and documentary presentations and get engaged into a highly imaginative experience. Together, the three areas create a lifetime experience.
Phone: 1848888


Al-Sha'ab Sea Club
Ras Al-Ardh Club is located in Ras Al-Salmiya in Kuwait over an area of about 19,025 square meters. Club members can practice all activities through a variety of games. Basketball, volley ball, tennis courts are available at the club. Also, there are tables for tennis tables as well as two swimming and diving pools, and a park for children. In addition, a theatre is found inside the main park where members can hold their parties.
Swimming Pool Complex
In April 1988, the Swimming Pool Complex was opened on the Arabian Gulf Road over an area of 9472 square meters. The complex has five superior swimming pools with different measures, including:
• Olympic Pool that is well-equipped to hold out tournaments and championships. The measure of the pool are 25 meters 12 meters, with depth ranging from 80 centimeters to 2.25 meters. It is designated for men only.
• Indoor diving square shaped pool whose depth is 4 meters and it consists of four 5-meter high ladders and two 1-meter high ladders. It is also designated for men and diving purposes.
• Swimming pool for beginners located in family section whose depth ranges from 30 centimeters to 1.5 meter.
• Two pools fully equipped with water and acrobatic games to assure spending unforgettable moments of joy and fun.
Prepared with all these facilities, the Swimming Pool Complex annually hold Young Swimmer Championship. Specialized trainers supervise the swimming school located within the complex. Swimming courses are delivered for children from age six and above. Finally, the Complex contains a snack bar serving quick light meals.

Phone: 25622600