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January 2015


Updated January 2015

This information sheet is designed to help you better understand our school, the benefits package and conditions of employment.

Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS) was established in 1998 as the first bilingual school in Al Jahra City in Kuwait, and is still today the only institution of its kind in that city. KBS is a non-profit bilingual educational institution, which currently has a school population of approximately 1250 students from KG1 to grade 12. Policy allows for 25 students per class.

The school stages are organized as follows:

Stage  Age/Grade

KG1 + KG2

4 to 5 years old
Primary Grades 1 to 5
Middle School Grades 6 to 8
High School Grades 9 to 12


The school does not currently have a Nursery facility.


Currently, KBS is housed in a small but well-equipped complex. The Kindergarten (KG 1 and KG 2), Grade 1 and four Grade 2 classes occupy the ground floor, while Primary 3 to 5 and the remaining two grade 2 classes occupy the first floor. Middle and High School occupies second floor of the school building.

The school facility includes a multi-purpose room, which is also used as a sports hall, 1 small gym, 2 clinics, three science labs, one computer lab, one music / drama room and a media center.

We are currently in the process of building a large, new campus to meet the needs of our ever-expanding school population. The new school will be in Saad Al Abdullah city, approximately ten minutes drive from the current campus. This will be a spacious facility with large classrooms, on-site swimming pools, theater and several sports halls, as well as laboratories, art, music and drama studios. The first section of the school will be completed in May 2015, so that the KG department should be able to move for the September 2015 academic year. The remaining grades will move the year after. Pictures of the construction can be seen on the school website.


The KBS English program is generally US in orientation, utilizing American and international teaching materials. In Kindergarten, 50% of instruction is in English and 50% in Arabic. In Primary School (Gr 1 to 5) 60% of the instruction is in English and 40% in Arabic. Students will, for example, study Arabic, Religion, Social Studies and Civics in Arabic. Students in grades 1 and 2 study Mathematics in both languages. The other classes – English, Science and Art and PE and IT will be taught in English. In Gr 3-5 Math is taught in English only. In Middle and High School, the Ministry of Private Education prescribes the number of designated periods for Arabic subjects per cycle. The remaining periods are allocated to subjects taught in English and elective courses. 

The school schedule is built on a 6-day cycle. In Primary, there are 48 periods per 6-day cycle and 35 periods in Middle and High School. A full teaching load for primary teachers is 30/48 periods, and for middle and high school teachers 24/35. Thus, there is ample time for curriculum development, lesson preparation, marking, grading etc.  Departmental and grade level team meetings are scheduled every cycle, but they are not included as part of the teaching commitment.


KBS is accredited by Kuwait Ministry of Education, and was authorized as an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program School, IB-PYP, in May 2013. Currently the school is undergoing it first accreditation exercise with Middle States Associations of School and Colleges. (MSA)


Kindergarten KG1 & KG2

7:30 am – 1:15 pm

Primary School

7:30 am - 2:30 pm

Middle and High School

7:30 am - 2:30 pm

The work week is Sunday to Thursday.


Kuwait Bilingual School observes all of the traditional Islamic holidays throughout the year. New Year holiday is also observed, but vacations commemorating some holidays are set as per the Ministry of Education calendar. Please check the attached holidays, or visit the home page on our website to download the complete calendar.


KBS has over 120 faculty members drawn from the Middle East, US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Pakistan and Europe.

KBS is searching for teachers with the following qualities:

  Commitment to making the Mission of the school a reality

  Commitment to school values and direction

  Commitment to serving children’s needs in a selfless manner

  Dedicated to professional standards and open to change

  Pride, consistency and initiative in carrying out all professional responsibilities

  Involvement with children during and after school hours

  Involvement in professional development, school and staff development initiatives, committees and workshops, strategic planning and curriculum mapping

  Commitment to high standards of professional behavior and communication

  Commitment to attaining clearly articulated standards for understandings and abilities; teaching for meaning; stressing higher order thinking skills, not ‘basic skills’ alone.


KBS accepts applications from well-qualified teaching and administrative staff with a minimum of: BA (MA preferred), Teaching License/Certification/Diploma, and at least two years teaching experience in the specialty for which they seek a position. The school normally hires single teachers or couples with no children since KBS’ bilingual program is usually not suitable for the children of expatriate teachers.

Each year the Director General attends few of the international recruitment fairs. In addition, advertisements are placed with The International Educator (TIE). Shortlisted applicants are invited for interview by appointment at an appropriate location in the USA or Canada or on SKYPE.

In November of each year, the school begins to advertise possible vacancies on its website. Those interested in applying for a position at KBS should e-mail a letter of application and a current CV/resume, including a minimum of two references to the address below. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted beginning in December by email to schedule interviews. The contact person is

Ms. Reem Alenzi

Human Resources officer

Kuwait Bilingual School



  • Salaries are based upon qualifications and years of experience. They range from 800KD for a newly qualified teacher with no experience, to 1200KD per month.

  • All salaries are quoted in Kuwaiti Dinars. They tax free.

  • Grade level Team Leaders and Heads of Department earn an additional allowance.

  • Contracts are initially for two-years. These are subsequently renewable for one year.

  •  Salary is paid for 12 months beginning September of the contract year through August of that academic year. Salary for June and July is paid in June. August salary is paid after the summer break.

  • Accommodation is fully furnished, single occupancy and air-conditioned. Electricity and water are paid by school. Teachers are currently housed off campus in the Jabriya and Hawalli areas of Kuwait.

  • Compensation will be paid to employees offering extra periods or co-curricular activities. This will be paid twice yearly.

  • Annual economy class round trip air transportation is provided.

  •  Local telephone calls are free; phone line installation costs KD 70 per year but these days most staff rely on mobile phones. Installation if required would be paid for by the employee.

  • Baggage allowance up to KD 100 per teacher will be reimbursed upon presenting the receipts at the beginning and end of service. 

  • A settling-in allowance of KD 150 per teacher is paid upon arrival in Kuwait.

  • The school supplies transport to work (AM, PM and a late bus home on meeting and club days)

  • Annual sick leave is allocated as per Kuwait Labor law.

  • Unused sick leave is compensated at the end of each academic year.

  • Visa related fees inside Kuwait are paid by the school. Visa related fees outside Kuwait, that includes photographs, police clearance, translation of documents if needed, medical check-up, Kuwait embassy fees are paid by the employee and later compensated by the school upon arrival to Kuwait.

  • KBS pays for Kuwait residence stamp and Civil ID in Kuwait.

  • 15 days indemnity is paid at the end of the contract for each year of employment up to five years; this increases to one month after completion of five years of service. The monthly salary is based upon 26 working days.

  • Private Health Insurance is provided. This includes world-wide coverage, except for U.S.A.

  • The school provides support for professional development.


A one-way economy-class air ticket is provided to new and leaving staff. A round trip economy-class air ticket is provided to returning staff annually. Cash in lieu of a determined airfare may be given. This benefit is calculated at the cost the school would pay for the ticket in question.


A furnished apartment, including electricity, water, and soft and hard furnishings is provided by the school for expatriate hired faculty. From the second year onwards, employees wishing to live outside school housing will receive a cash allowance of KD 180 per teacher if single or 220 KD per month if married and living with your spouse. Overseas hires contracted in Kuwait may utilize this option beginning in the first year of contract.

Note: The school provides bus transportation to and from school to staff living in school housing only.   

Annual Sick or Personal Leave and Bereavement Leave

Each employee receives up to 15 days of sick leave each year without deduction. An attendance bonus will be paid to those staff using less than four days sick leave.

Payment for Co-curricular Activities

Employees offering extra periods and / or extra-curricular activities are appropriately compensated. The compensation is set at the beginning of each academic year.