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Procedures for Admission

         Admission into Kuwait Bilingual School depends on several criteria. This is done to ensure the readiness of the student to study in the school's bilingual program Therefore, admission to the school will be granted upon successful completion of the following:


1.     The  Admission Application must be filled properly and completely. All required documents should be attached to it, and an application fee KD 50 should be paid. The fee is not refundable.

Documents needed with the application:

a.       Birth certificate.

b.      2 photos.

c.       Copy of the civil ID of the parents (father and the mother).

d.      Copy of previous school report cards.

e.       Copy of vaccinations card.

f.       Copy of any court order about the student (e.g.custody).

g.       Copy of the father’s nationality (only for Kuwaitis).


2.      The admission assessment will take place as per the schedule set by the school.


3.      The school will review the report card of the student from his / her previous school.

4.      A parent conference with both mother and father and the school director will take place.

5.      Based on the the results of the above, a decision will be made.

6. A child's place is only guaranteed when the first fee installment has been paid.



         The guardian of the student must pay in full the first tuition fee within seven days from the date of the admission letter. If the first installment fee isn’t paid in time the acceptance will be canceled, and the student cannot register unless there is available seat left.

         After admission the guardian should do the following:

a.       Provide the healthy file of the student.

b.      Finish all the procedures based on the Ministry of Education requirements.

         In case there were two equal students, the priority will be for the one who has siblings in the school.

         It is expected of the guardian who comes with the student for the admission test, not to interfere in the admission test or direct the student through the interview.

         It is also expected not to resort to mediation (wasta), doing so may lead to denying admission to the student regardless of his/her performance.