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General objectives of the extension page: -
Definition of the concept of educational counseling process
Identify the role of  the counselor in the basic stage is particularly
Identify problems experienced by students
Identify appropriate preventive methods that reduce the occurrence of behavioral, social, educational and emotional problems.

School Counselor : -
Is the person trained and qualified to help students solve problems and facilitate their understanding themselves as well as understanding their strengths and weaknesses ; until the  child is able to reach the maximum degree of growth allowed by their abilities in all aspects ( psychological - social - academic and family ).

The students are still in childhood stages and therefore have developmental characteristics that differ from the rest of the individuals. The counseling of children during the basic stage is responsible for helping the child to achieve healthy growth and integrated compatibility. The educational counselor acts as a bridge between the student, the teacher and the family; this comes only through good relations with the three parties.

The most important roles of mentor basic stage: -
Student's understanding his ideas and his own philosophy of life
Building good, strong relationships with students without exception
Provide an opportunity for students to express their basic abilities and inclinations and match these tendencies and capabilities with the level of academic achievement
Educate students at the school with effective ways to build social relationships and problem solving techniques
Effective collaboration with parents to achieve compatibility and mental health both inside and outside school

KG & Primary Stages Counselor
Ms. Fatima Al Raei
Email: counselor.pr@kbs-edu.com

Tel: (965) 24580111 / 24581118 / 24581119   Ext. 204