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Admission Assessment



Admission assessments are scheduled by appointment only.  Assessments aim to determine if the child is suitable to undertake the demands of a bilingual program   Parent interviews are deemed an essential component of the admissions screening procedure. Both parents are expected to attend. Parents will be engaged in a discussion of values, child rearing beliefs and commitment to school mission.

Parent Interview

At KBS, we believe that strong committed, value oriented and involved parents have children who will benefit from the challenges of a bilingual education. Discussions during the parent interview will take focus on an variety of issues relating to parenting, understanding and accepting ideas related to school mission.

Any attempt by a parent or other family member to interfere in the assessment process or selection, will result in the student's rejection.  KBS places are awarded upon merit only. Attempts to use "Wasta" will be unsuccessful and disqualify your child!


Assessment Procedures


1-  Pre-K & KG1

Parents are invited to the assessment in order to be an active part of the process. Teachers may request   parents to interact with the child so that they can observe the child's responsiveness and cooperation skills.

Students will have a screening assessment in Arabic, to determine the level of spoken language, awareness, responsiveness to instructions, emotional stability, independence/ ability to separate from parents, manipulative skills, cooperativeness, general concepts, ability to share and listening skills. They will also be assessed to determine their ability in English.

2-  KG2

Students will be assessed in Arabic, English and practical skills for (a) minimum appropriate conversational alphabet and number skills (b) responsiveness to instructions (c) recognition skills (d) awareness (e) manipulation skills (f) general concepts (g) cooperativeness (h) independence/ability to separate from parents (i) listening skills.

 3- Grade 1

Students will receive oral, reading and basic writing assessments in Arabic and English.I n addition there will be an assessment in Mathematics. Parents may not attend or interfere in the assessment unless requested to do so.

4- Grades     12 - 2

Students will be assessed in three subjects:

Parents are not permitted to enter assessments at this age. The child should show confidence, maturity and independence. There are three main assessments in:

         Arabic )oral, reading comprehension, writing skills)

         English )oral, reading comprehension, writing skills)

         Mathematics  (in English)

These assessment may take up to 3 hours and may be scheduled on two days