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The Importance of Teaching Drama


The importance of teaching Drama

Here at KBS, we strongly believe that Drama expands the mind and soul.
A drama education involves imagination and feelings it helps us make sense of the world through the creation of imagined characters and situations.

In Drama students use their imaginations and draw upon their own personal experiences. Through Drama they get to express and share their ideas, feelings and reactions, making use of different elements like language, space, and symbol.

Drama is a subject designed to help children by doing.
They can expand their imaginations, free the way they think, talk, and move.
They will learn how to express themselves with their voice and their bodies.

Theater skills enhance children's self esteem, make it easier to step into new situations, help them problem solve, strengthen listening skills, encourage cooperation, make interaction with others more comfortable, and manage public speaking fears.

Drama requires specific skills, knowledge and understanding which are progressively taught and assessed 3 interconnected activities characterise the subject of drama at all levels: making, performing and responding.

What Makes Drama so Unique?

Drama provides opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world.
Drama enhances your individuality and independence while strengthening the importance teamwork and collaboration.
Drama is the self-expression of your personal strength it allows you to channel these strengths into understanding sometimes difficult abstractions.
Drama can improve your academic achievement by enhancing attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking.